IR C of S Grade Chart

This new Gradation Chart was put together by the Technical Standards Committee, who are an independent group of Class VIII auditors and Case Supervisors who have many, many years of delivering standard tech to public in the field, and in orgs.  Some of these Class VIIIs even trained and/or worked under L Ron Hubbard. They used LRH references to assemble this Grade Chart so it is now, not only usable, but more importantly - it is complete. All the LRH rundowns are now on this Grade Chart and all of the arbitraries are removed and cancelled. We have adopted this Gradation Chart and we thank the Tech Standards Committee for their service to mankind. 

What's Different on the New IR C of S Grade Chart?


The Primary Rundown Restored

Around 1987 D.M. Took the Primary Rundown off of the left side of the grade chart. .During the boom of the 70's, it was a key part of the training line-up and helped contribute to the boom. The way it was delivered was that a student would get Method One Word Clearing on subjects from his past, such as mathematics, English, Geometry and so forth. When he completed his M-! auditing, he would attest to "Word Clear". It was an important step for training because misunderstood words can cause a lot of charge on a case, especially if the student got into trouble because of his lack of understanding in life situations.  Next the student looks up all of the words on the Student Hat Tapes, HCOBs and Policy Letters before he listens to the tapes or studies the written references. He gets tough supervisor checkouts on all the materials and when done, he attests to "Super Literate" which is a good state to be in. Why he removed this from the lineup is a mystery to us all because tech training became a breeze after completing the Primary Rundown and is a must in any training line-up.   

1,000 Hours of Objectives

D.M. has made a blanket C/S for anyone on the grade chart, including OTs to receive 1,000 hours of Objective Processing on their cases, whether they need it or not! Doing "Blanket C/Sing violates C/S Series 1-10 in every way possible. C/Sing is always tailored to the preclear or pre-OT.  On the Class VIII Tape "Standard Tech" LRH admonished the C/Ses in the audience for "Evaluating for PC's". Even if one had a great battery of Objectives earlier on the bridge and had good wins on it, he still had to come back and do them again. It is shocking that this even calls for all OTs to receive 1,000 of objectives. This is not LRH.  This arbitrary is hereby cancelled. If one of our C/Ses deems a pc needs a 1,000 hours of objectives then we will see the he or she will get them. But know that there'll be no "Blanket C/Sing in IR C of S.

"New" OT IV

"New" OT IV is also called the "OT Drug Rundown". This was written by David Mayo in 1980. Mayo released it as a co-audit. LRH corrected this and  wrote HCOB 30 Jan 1980 "NOTs OT Drug Rundown" and was to be audited during the NOTs Rundown. However, in 1982 Mayo's DRD was then made into an audited action 1984 was turned into "New" OT IV and was delivered in the AO by trained NOTs auditors. It usually took 4-6 intensives to complete "New" OT IV and thus had become a commodity for D.M. which he likes to do with OT sections - they are merely money-making commodities to him, not levels of freedom. "New" OT IV" is cancelled by our grade chart and the NOTs OT DRD is restored on the NOTS Rundown and is delivered there. 

OT III, NOTs, Solo NOTs Sort Out

OT III is still OT III. However, the C of S had made the "OT DRD" into OT 4. This is cancelled per the above. NOTs was made into OT V. Solo NOTs Course became OT VI which is ridiculous. Solo NOTs became OT VII. Since they are all in the "Wall of Fire band, we made them part of the OT III level. So it goes, OT III, NOTs, Solo NOTs and the pre-requisite for Solo NOTS is the Solo NOTS Course Parts A, B and C. 

Original OT IV, V, VI and VII.

The original actual OT Sections were taken off of the Grade Chart by D.M and his sycophant's. Fortunately we have them as they were stolen in 1984 by a couple of enterprising souls who released them to the internet when it was time. These are now restored to the grade chart as they are actual OT Sections that contain drills and processes to bolster the being and make him into an even more powerful Operating Thetan. Only an SP would remove these levels from the Grade Chart. They are the reason most people got into Scientology in the first place. These were also the gradients to OT VIII. What D.M. has in store for these OT Sections is to make them into OT X, XI, XII and XIII. What about OT IX? That is the 2nd half of OT VIII that D.M. cheated everyone out of when it was released in 1986. The Pre-OTs who went to the Freewinds to get OT VIII only got the first half of it. The 2nd half is now OT IX. Like we said earlier, OT Sections are merely commodities to D.M.

OT Eligibility and OT "Set ups"

It's pretty much understood when a Pre-Clear Attains the state of Clear, he is in good case shape. Right?  The usual C of S C/S case estimate for anyone who went Clear and wants to get onto OT 1, is 4-6 Intensives at AO or Flag rates. Why? Because the pc is expected to be in poor case shape after he goes clear? That's astounding. But this is what the think is in the C of S.  This is now a cancelled arbitrary. Once again - PCs and Pre-OTs will be given set-ups as needed, but to be more than an intensive, would be pushing it. 

To our understanding, OT Eligibility is now a 200+ question sec check which is just insanity. It is gross invalidation and evaluation not to mention have the pc run something that incriminates him. We've all made our mistakes and we've pretty much taken responsibility for them as we did the Grades Processes. Badgering the Pre-OT with a lengthy sec check is not for the pc, but it is for the Church coffers and is hereby cancelled from our grade chart. Pre OTs will be given proper and needed case checks as the C/S determines on our line-up.