My Philosophy

Know thyself—and the truth shall set you free. Therefore, in Scientology we are not concerned with individual actions and differences. We are only concerned with how to show Man how he can set himself or herself free.

This, of course, is not very popular with those who depend upon the slavery of others for their living or power. But it happens to be the only way I have found that really improves an individual’s life.

Suppression and oppression are the basic causes of depression. If you relieve those, a person can lift his head, become well, become happy with life. And though it may be unpopular with the slave master, it is very popular with the people. Common Man likes to be happy and well. He likes to be able to understand things. And he knows his route to freedom lies through knowledge.

Lecture: January 1965

The Hope of Man

One of the basics, you understand, of Dianetics was survival: The basic principle of existence of survival. And that is only true for the body. A spirit cannot help but survive, whether in heaven or in hell or on Earth or in a theta trap. That is the saddest thing to most people. It is so sad that they very well like to forget it. They say, "Well, I'm going to live a number of years and then I'm going to die. And that will be the end of me, and you should all feel sorry for me and send flowers." And this is an interesting game, but it is not true.

... And when we consider that a great deal of what we now know with exactness was already known and lost thousands of years ago, we begin to see that we are not dealing with something new when we are dealing with Scientology. It is not something new.

What we are doing with this data is new. The way this material is organised is new. The technologies with which we can bring about a new state of bring in man are new.  But the basic idea, the basic hope of man as it appears today in Scientology is thousands of years old.  Lecture June 1955

A Scientologist

Scientology is the subject of knowing how to know answers. It is an organised system of Axioms and processes which resolve the problems of existence.

A Scientologist is a specialist in spiritual and human affairs.

Scientology is organised from the viewpoint of the spirit and contains a precise and usable definition of the spirit, and charts and studies and is capable of changing the behavior of the spirit.

It is formed in the tradition of ten thousand years of religious philosophy and considers itself a culmination of the searches which began with early religious writings and practices. Scientology is a gnostic faith in that it knows it knows. (Gnosticim was an ancient religion which believed that spiritual freedom came with knowledge.). This is Scientology's distinguishing characteristic from most of its predecessors.  Magazine: Ability Mag 1

The free being

When you finally get down to the final action of OT, well, just what are you making? This will occupy your minds in the very near future - just what is the end product of all this?

And if I could tell you -- if I could tell you that, yes, each person, just irresponsibly by all of us, is just let free to go and wander and do anything he pleases anyplace (not that we would discipline him particularly), but just let free to go anyplace and do anything he wants and its all up to him and that sort of thing... And I'm telling you that this is a shortsighted irresponsibility which will again almost immediately wind us up in the soup.

We have to continue to take our responsibility for our fellows; we have to go on with that. And we can't continue to exist on an irresponsible line of just forgetting and abandoning everybody and anybody and "leave them on the theta pole -- so what", you know, this kind of attitude. Because this kind of an attitude breeds for each one of us entrapment in the long run.

We have to learn to take care of our own because we will have made that own with our own lilly-white E-meters."  Lecture 9 July 1963

Science of life

Scientology is a science of life. It is the one thing senior to life because it handles all the factors of life. It contacts the data necessary to live as a free being. A reality on Scientology is a reality on life. 

The game of having a science of life around is something that has ordinarily been held down by those who have bent it to their own desires. If they did know anything about life, they didn't let anybody else in on it. In Scientology we're playing a different game because we are letting somebody else in on it. We're not operating as a secret society trying to pull power out of the society by just letting what we know remain unknown. That is a fine way for an individual or group to perish!

My own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom one has and should help others to help themselves. I have never seen wisdom do any good kept to oneself. Article: The Goal of Training, 1967

The Auditor

I think of an auditor as a person with enough guts to do something about it. This quality is rare and this quality is courageous in the extreme.

It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use is superior to that of any other profession.

This is a pretty daffy planet in a rather strenuous universe. When you start to introduce order into anything, disorder shows up and blows off. Therefore, efforts to bring order in the society or any part of it will be productive of disorder for a while. The more able people we have, the better we can control the confusion of an area. A group is as capable as it contains capable individual members. The more people who are trained, the more successful we will be. Article: What it Means to be a Scientologist, 1965