Auditors - Doing Something About The World!

Who are the most valuable beings on the planet? 

LRH said it many times in many different ways, but the bottom line is that Auditors are the most valuable beings on this planet.  Why? Because they can confront and handle the reactive mind and because they care!

We are forming up a network of Delivery personnel who are tired of the way things are - the way this planet is headed and who want to do something about it.  In the 1970's, orgs were formed up and booming - grew into gigantic orgs and missions - because people who dared to want to change the world, joined up, learned to audit, co-audited their way up the bridge and cleared people by the tens of thousands.  These auditors actually impinged on the planet and made it safer to a large degree.  Take a look at the 70's and 80's as compared to the decade before that.  Society changed for the better in the 70's and 80's.  The world actually owes these auditors, C/Ses and supervisors a huge debt of gratitude as each one is a hero in his own right.


So here we are again: The planet has gone even more crazy and the environment is even more dangerous.  Kids can't even go to school anymore without worrying if their school is next.  The United States and Europe is divided with criminality running unchecked. The workplace is a dangerous environment. It's unsafe to shop at Wal-Mart for fear of mass shootings. 

Example of what you can do:  One of our auditors was auditing a woman, when he first started to audit in the field, who just beat cancer.  She didn't know anything about Scientology but she wanted help because she and her husband hated each other and hadn't spoken to one another for years. They had to live together because they could only afford to survive with their combined social security paychecks, otherwise they would have divorced long ago. But they lived in misery and wondered "what was the purpose of life". The auditor pulled her withholds and the result was that she forgave everyone around herself and ended up going to Hawaii with her husband to "renew their wedding vows". Boom! Two people co-existing again. But there are millions of stories like that out there. They simply need auditing. They want Scientology: They just don't know it.  

The question is: Are you willing to do something about it?. Ask yourself if you are willing to help change the world and make it a place free of wars, crime and insanity. 

If so, contact us. 

If not, that's fine. Only a few out of a thousand dare to change the world. This isn't for everybody. 


You may have been certified a long time ago, but not audited in years. You may have supervised thousands of students, but left staff years ago. Or maybe you completed up to Level V and never completed an internship. You may have left when you were informed your Class VIII certificates were cancelled until you retrained with the Golden Age of Tech. You may have never finished the Briefing Course. Maybe you enjoy word clearing others or you love cramming auditors and helping them hone their skills – or you are one of the thousands who only ever did a Solo Auditor course and now are keen to roll your sleeves up and complete the training side of the Bridge and audit others (which brings half the gains).

No matter who you are, you are welcome here. If you desire to help others with Scientology technology, you are in the right place.

The word associate means “to connect or join together” and it also means “a partner or companion in business or at work”.  It is a partnership we are looking for – one which helps both you and the Independent Reformed Church. We need trained, dedicated and standard Scientologists around the world to refer students and preclears to – and in exchange we provide a safe 3rd dynamic environment, assist you to get back into the chair with any needed refreshers on TRs, Metering, auditing basics, assistance with materials/lists, C/S lines, Qual internship lines, word clearing and most importantly – referrals of people in your zone to audit. 

We don’t "manage your affairs or activities. We do not have “Thursday at 2pm”. No "stat push", Nor does any information on those you service come to us -- but we do help, support and assist as much (or as little) as you need.  

LRH states in HCOPL 29 Oct 1959 SERVICE “We will win if we are Scientology, not a lot of isolated groups. The watchword is SERVICE.”

Files coming soon.

Associate Agreement to Deliver Scientology

Associate Agreement for an IRCS Associate (pdf)


Join Our Growing Network

West US


Randy Smith - Class VI Auditor and C/S. NOTs Auditor, Hubbard Professional Supervisor Course.  


Ian Waxler -Class VIII C/S



Tom Martinano - Class VI, Class IX Auditor



Becky Buchanan - Class VIII Auditor & C/S, Class IX Auditor


Robin Rhyne - Class VI Auditor


East US


Mike Eldredge - Class VIII, Class IX Auditor and C/S



The Courseroom

John Aaron Williams - 



Frank Davis - Class VIII Auditor & C/S, Supervisor, OT Review auditor

Not currently taking on new PCs as booked out until mid 2020.



Chris Black - Class IX Auditor and Class VIII C/S


United Kingdom

Pierrot Bartnik: Class VIII, Class IX Auditor. Repairs, case cracking, handling of any level and rundown to EP. Available to travel to deliver.


Pierrot Bartnik: Class VIII, Class IX Auditor. Repairs, case cracking, handling of any level and rundown to EP. Available to travel to deliver.


Lana Mitchell - on Class VI /IX internship, NOTs Auditor


South Africa

Middle East

South America



New Zealand

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