Associate Agreement


The word associate means “to connect or join together” and it also means “a partner or companion in business or at work”. It is a partnership we are looking for – one which helps both you and the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology (IRCS).  

This is not a legally enforceable contract. It is a pledge between you and the IRCS.

IRCS Pledge

We need trained, dedicated and standard Scientologists around the world to refer students and preclears to.  LRH states in HCOPL 29 Oct 1959 SERVICE “We will win if we are Scientology, not a lot of isolated groups. The watchword is SERVICE.”

The core values of the IRCS are: Help, Compassion, Courage, Discipline, Honesty, Truth, ARC, KRC, Authenticity and Trasnparency. More information on these can be found on the ICRS website and in LRH’s book The Way to Happiness. We pledge to apply these core values with our Associate network and all public who contact the IRCS.

As the IRCS receives public requests for service (chaplain, auditing, training, cramming, etc.) we will screen enquiries and then forward them to a qualified and trusted Associate, who then negotiates fee for service and scheduling directly with the public. 

The IRCS does not charge Associate fees, tithes or claim commissions. Scientology service fees are determined by the individual Associate and negotiated with the public desiring service. The IRCS is not involved in these negotiations and does not take money for service to be delivered by Associates.

The IRCS will run a continued and extensive program to get auditors back into the chair and to help all existing delivery people to continue their training, complete internships and build on their skills and capacity. Services of the IRCS include TRs, Metering, auditing basics, auditor checksheets, materials/lists, C/S lines, cramming, Qual internship lines, and word clearing.  We can also, if needed, provided org evals and programs to build groups in size and capacity. We will charge for these IRCS services and will do our best to make these both accessible and affordable. The IRCS is available to help and support Associates as much (or as little) as needed.

We don’t ‘manage’ the affairs or activities of Associates and there is no “Thursday 2pm” -- however we do encourage the sharing of pc completions and student completions (as this is the common goal we all have) and the sharing of success stories (as this helps to encourage more of the same). We also pledge to promote collaboration and cooperation between Associates, to build a global team and effective use of resources.

The IRCS is bound to see to standard Scientology within our activities as the tech only works when correctly applied. When people can't get results from what they think is standard tech they can be counted upon to squirrel and it is a laughable fact that David Miscavige has redefined the term ‘squirrel’ to be anyone that uses Scientology technology outside of the Church of Scientology walls.  

The IRCS is not a new or replacement RTC. The IRCS is simply applying Keeping Scientology Working and stepping into the big boots in the sky, as LRH intended all Scientologists to do.

There’s an infinity of wrong ways to do anything and this is one of the key points LRH brought up on the Class VIII Course. There is only one standard tech. Making a technical mistake does not make one a suppressive person, nor does practicing something incorrectly because of a misunderstood word or ignorance make one a squirrel. LRH went to great lengths to write and record the development of the body of work so that anyone could practice it and know the standard with which it must be practiced, to achieve the results with certainty. When people do NOT study it and achieve that standard, and instead buy into an altered version of it, knowingly, because they are ‘entitled’ to an opinion, or trying to achieve a faster or different result, then problems arise and the result is never achieved (see HCOPL Keeping Scientology Working).  With the launch of the IRCS a General Amnesty was announced and it is open and available to anyone, including those who have been lax or squirrelly in their application of the tech in the past. 

The IRCS respects anyone who is trying to do something constructive to benefit mankind and the future by applying Scientology. We do not seek to label people or denigrate the efforts of auditors or C/Ses. We do have a highly trained team of C/Ses who can review folders, provide LRH references, answer questions and refer to cramming with the intent to consistently build on IRCS and Associate staff knowledge, skill and capacity. 

If a report of out-tech is received by the IRCS we will forward it to the persons involved and cramming services will be offered/recommended to determine what did occur, with the express purpose of resolving the problem. The key cramming question and a C/Sed review may be required. We will not comment, share or forward reports of out-tech to others in the field or on public channels until there has been an opportunity for the issue to be resolved using standard LRH cramming tools. 

If there are continued reports received of out-tech from an Associate, we will suspend any new referrals to them until they have an opportunity to get the situation resolved, to both the pc/student and Associate’s satisfaction. If this does not occur we will remove the Associates name from our directory listings. 

There are unfortunately many a preclear and pre-OT that have suffered from out-tech within the Church of Scientology walls, from non-standard auditors in the field, or squirrel groups claiming to be ‘on-Source’ yet delivering processes manufactured by others. We already have to repair and patch-up such cases. We will continue to do so and if responsible auditors and orgs do not choose to take the General Amnesty and clean up their act, we will create a black list of those we do not support as a consequence of their ongoing destructive acts, which we will make public.

We are not, however, here to police the field, or have a heavy-ethics hand. Our mission and our sole purpose, is to make standard Scientology available so that people can train and audit on LRH’s original Bridge, and receive the gains as a consequence. There are thousands of Scientologists who need assistance, and thousands more who are steering clear of the whole subject due to continuing actions of the Church of Scientology and continuing efforts of anti-Scientologists. If groups or auditors do not want to lend their shoulder to that wheel because of disagreements on technical application, then we must part ways, but the door is always left open if they have a change of heart in the future.

Associate Pledge

By signing this agreement you pledge that you are here as a fraternal partner on the same terms as the rest of the IRCS Delivery Associates and I am in agreement with the IRCS goals and purposes. I am not here to spy on them or disrupt their activities.

Further, you pledge to follow the Code of a Scientologist, the Auditor’s Code and The Way to Happiness to the best of your ability. You promise to do your best to follow LRH bulletins, books, lectures, LRH’s Grade chart and materials, and where there are confusions, questions, or seemingly conflicting ideas, you will continue with word clearing, cramming or retraining till those are answered and fully resolved for you.

There are many in the field today who travelled up to the highest OT levels with little to no technical training or auditing experience, and these same untrained individuals often accept unusual solutions or squirrel options as they have little personal understanding of the body of work and often have hidden standards or false information on what OT is (training provides 50% of the gain per LRH). With this agreement you pledge to keep building on your technical training and become an expert auditor as per LRH’s Bridge to Total Freedom, and to encourage all those on your service lines to do the same. 

You also pledge to be honest in your dealings with us and with those referred to you for service – looking to exchange in abundance and provide the best possible service you can, and if need be, contacting others for assistance if further assistance or collaboration is needed.

You agree to work industriously to support other Associates and the IRCS so that any efforts to splinter, disrupt or fragment the group are prevented. These do and will occur. For decades lies, rumor and deception have been used to get the field to fight, argue and eat itself up. Challenge critical comments and rancor – don’t accept generalities – report oddities or persons who seem to be nothing but trouble.

Enjoy Scientology and helping others. If isn’t fun – it isn’t Scientology.

We look forward to working with you, shoulder to shoulder, to make standard Scientology available while also building your knowledge, skill and capacity as a Scientology practitioner and IRCS Associate.

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