independent reformed church of scientology

General Amnesty

 L. Ron Hubbard has used “Amnesty” in the past when there was a significant achievement in Scientology. The idea was that the achievement was significant enough to celebrate and give one and all a chance to start anew and share in the accomplishment of their Church. (HCO PL 11 March 1961 AMNESTY)

In launching a new hope for mankind, the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology) is hereby extending a complete General Amnesty to all Scientologists who have been penalized before this date, by any Scientology group, person or entity. This includes any cancelled certifications of Dianetics Auditors and Scientology Auditors. This includes blacklists, no-communications lists and “disconnected” Scientologists – living or dead. With this General Amnesty certificates are restored, communication lines are reopened, and past infractions, punishments, fines, freeloader debts and justice actions without regards to who may have ordered the action since 1950 (the release date of Dianetics) are dropped.  Any and all offences of any kind before the issuance of this Amnesty, discovered or undiscovered, disclosed or undisclosed, are fully and completely forgiven. 

It is postulated that all Scientologists who no longer support the Church of Scientology International (CSI), or have been forced or driven away as a consequence of the CSI actions, will take advantage of this Amnesty in the spirit in which it is given -- as a chance for all of us to forgive and forget the rampant and dark use of the tech by said organization and move yourself and others up the Bridge to spiritual freedom. 

To take advantage of this Amnesty, please simply write to, tell us a bit about yourself and why you are taking advantage of this Amnesty. You do not have to provide lists of overts and withholds, infractions or suppressive acts, however you are welcome to detail your story if you wish and share whatever information you feel comfortable sharing.

You will receive an acknowledgement back from the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology stating that any and all misdeeds of the past, as of this date, are hereby forgiven and that you are now free to move up the Bridge, free to audit, and free to use Scientology in your life and across your dynamics, as LRH intended, without recrimination, without vast donations or heavy fees, without backlash and without suppression.