A Much Needed Change Has Come At Last!

A Much Needed Change Has Come At Last!

A Much Needed Change Has Come At Last!A Much Needed Change Has Come At Last!A Much Needed Change Has Come At Last!

Now We Can Get Back To "Doing Something About It",   With The 

Independent Reformed Church of Scientology

Why Reformed Church of Scientology?

The world is a mess and we want to fix it.  And we know we can certainty fix it with Scientology - the brand of Scientology that is from the Founder, L Ron Hubbard.  We all have previously worked along with LRH to do something positive with this world and we worked very hard to change it all, but bad actors inside stopped us and wouldn't let us wear that hat.  LRH said in LRH ED 339R Int, (paraphrase) that the only thing that can stop us is our own internal out-ethics. And he was right. 

No more stops!  We intend to fix this now and we have the confront, the wherewithal and the intention to do it. Nothing will sway us again. We are dedicated to the cause. 

The Independent Reformed Church of Scientology (IR C of S) has been established as a vehicle to help take us where we need to go to start fixing this place again. 


How's this possible? 

First of all, members of the members of the IR C of S, along side of the Technical Standards Committee, have studied the way the current  C of S is degrading LRH tech and we found all of the arbitraries and out-tech that were inserted into LRH tech and we either deleted them or cancelled them. We've already cancelled the illegally added arbitraries in auditing technology. We also cancelled other arbitraries and  insanities such as "heavy ethics", the constant badgering for "money for nothing", the crazy additives to the bridge, the unsafe conditions of the org , and replaced all of that with nothing but the purest of LRH.   

We work hard to establish "Islands of Sanity" in which we can and will deliver unaltered tech. In our current "Sea of Chaos" we have to use nothing but the original tech in order to defeat the bank that generates all the chaos called "Earth".  

IR C of S is not in competition with the Church of Scientology since the IR C of S practices the original working philosophy of L Ron Hubbard.

The IR C of S will be promoting to new people who are interested in Spiritual Freedom. With our promo, we plan to drive lots of new pubic down on auditors or groups, if they want them. IR C of S is also for existing Scientologists who believe in and wish to practice LRH's original philosophy and technology. and IR C of S is especially for those who have either left the church of their own accord or been wrongly expelled from the church and want to resume their bridge. 

The IR C of S believes that man is free to follow his own path, and his religious practices and beliefs are not constricted by any copyright monopoly. Therefore, people wishing to seek spiritual enlightenment through the practices of Scientology are not bound by law to attend only the official church any more than all Christians are bound by law to attend only Catholic churches and all Judaists should be Orthodox.

What Does the IR C of S Actually Do?

Restore LRH's Original Vision

The cornerstone of IR C of S is the ARC Triangle. It makes sense because Scientology (LRH's brand of) is all about ARC!  Why not base everything we do with Scientology on ARC?  LRH said:  “When we drop the various points of the ARC Triangle in their fullest meaning, we drop also the assets of the organization. And I mean that literally.”   So, yes, this is what we are all about. 

IR C of S Gives a Fresh, New Start

First of all, we're going to openly invite new public to experience Scientology.  We've resurrected the original tech on how to get new people interested in Scientology and how to get them moving up the bridge and how to properly deliver to them so that they have life-changing improvements.  We will deliver this technology from LRH, codified and compiled into checksheets and how-to references with programs on how to implement. The references are easy to read and easy to apply. 

Secondly we are offering existing Scientologists a place to continue their journey to personal freedom.  We have seasoned professional auditors standing by across the planet to help you get your case refreshed and you back on the grade chart and winning. We have removed all of the arbitraries from the C of S tech and removed all  "golden age" out-tech and replaced it with pure LRH tech. 

And for professional standard Auditors, we are also offering licenses to deliver under us so that you are: 

a. Legally protected to deliver LRH Technology without worry. 

b. Given guidance on establishing a delivery center, if one wishes.

c. Getting you LRH references on how to disseminate and deliver effectively. 

Understand that we do not manage as the previous church did. We give guidance only from a group of trained specialists. We can, if you wish, send a helpful tour to your area to get dissemination and delivery implemented or just to help you.  Our staff have more than 100 years of delivery experience in the field and we know how to build orgs and businesses. 

Scientology is Back! - All of It!!


LRH's Original Bridge - Is Back!

Standard Tech is the Watchword!


LRH's Philosophy - Restored

Caring, Friendly, Trustworthy Pure Theta


Auditor Training - Brought Back!

Achieve the full gains possible

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