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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology (IRCS). We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

The IRCS is not in competition with the Church of Scientology since the IRCS practices the original working philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard as distinct from the profoundly altered version currently used by the church and called by the church, Dianetics and Scientology.

The IRCS is for Scientologists who believe in and practice LRH's original philosophy and working technology and have either left the church of their own accord or been expelled from the church. 

The IRCS believes that man is free to follow his own path, and his religious practices and beliefs are not constricted by any copyright monopoly, therefore new people wishing to seek enlightenment through the practices of Scientology are not bound by law to attend only the official church any more than all Christians are bound by law to attend only Catholic churches and all Judaists should be Orthodox.

Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

Islands of Insanity

In a chaotic and disruptive world, LRH designed orgs to be a place of friendship, comfort, compassion and care. He wanted islands of sanity, and his work over decades was to provide technology and policy to enable every church to be a safe place where people could discharge and recharge as immortal beings.

Since LRH’s passing, Miscavige has turned Scientology orgs into oppressive, punitive and controlling environments for staff and parishioners. Just as Bank minus Auditor is greater than the Preclear, when orgs are no longer safe places, case gain becomes impossible. This has become so bad over last decades that thousands of Scientologists have quietly (or not so quietly) departed the Church.

In recent decades you have been subjected to a Scientology church environment that has flipped from tackling the reactive mind -- to being the reactive mind, filled with illogics, aberration, A=A and chaos.


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

No Determinism

Scientology training and auditing takes a person from no determinism, to self determinism, to pan determinism – yet the church under Miscavige forces staff and parishioners to behave in certain ways, slavishly follow illegal and off-policy orders, and inhibit personal knowledge and communication lines. It punishes and excommunicates those that do not comply. 

Using Scientology to control and enforce behaviour is the antithesis of Scientology, which instead is supposed to unburden aberrations and make beings more able, more creative, more responsible and more in control of their own games and destiny. Scientologists are, through their own training and auditing, highly ethical, and should not require heavy ethics and control. LRH would be horrified at what passes for a dutiful Scientologist in the church today.

You have been subject to subvertive, overt and covert methods to control – undermining your own determinism and at the same time making you complicit in the ongoing scene within the Church.


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

Sabotage of auditor training

LRH made it clear in numerous references that if this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be because auditors exist, can audit, and do audit. He said he considers auditors and Scientologists as the free people, the ones with initiative, and the best of the best. But Miscavige (who never completed a Class IV internship) has blamed earlier LRH typists for typos and invalidated certified auditors on their metering and auditing basics with the implementation of “Golden Age of Tech” programs. These have not just prevented the making of auditors but have also been used as an illegal way of cancelling auditor certificates. 

Arbitraries on TRs and Metering, combined with robotic training drills, have forced earlier Class V, VI, VIII, IX and XII’s out of the chair until they ‘retrain’ and this has been combined with arbitraries that have made the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and Class VIII courses no longer available within the Church. 

Auditors have been subject to gross invalidation, erroneous ‘correction’ and had their valid and well-earned certificates taken away. This is both out-tech and off-policy. 


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

Blanket C/Sing

Case Supervising is done for the individual - for the specific preclear and specific pre-OT. It is done on a case-by-case basis to get each being up the Bridge standardly, thoroughly and to receive the most gains possible. For several decades Miscavige has been issuing arbitrary executive C/Ses and then using orgs to enforce compliance on technical lines. He has cancelled the Clear status of thousands of Scientologists, sent OTs back to run hundreds of hours of Objectives, and ordered that major actions are redone repeatedly.

You have been subject to illegal executive mass C/Sing that can cause bypassed charge, confusion and hang-ups with wrong indications, evaluation and invalidation. This violates the Case Supervisor Series and the Scientology Auditors Code.


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

Sec-checking and heavy ethics

LRH’s New Era Dianetics for OTs Series specifically makes it illegal to interject major actions into NOTs and SOLO NOTs, yet Miscavige implemented intensives of security checking every 6 months for every SOLO NOTs auditor, and through this out-tech has kept people on the level for decades. 

HCO bulletins detail that sec checking and confessionals were replaced by Integrity Processing, which is delivered as part of Grade II. LRH stipulated that misuse of sec checking in processing constitutes an extreme betrayal of trust. Punishing or disciplining a preclear or pre-OT forms no part of processing – yet thousands of Scientologists have been subjected to sec checking and then ethics action for anything deemed by the Church as immoral – including 2D activities, hobbies, connections, business dealings and internet searches.

You have been subjected to illegal and out-tech sec checking, along with mis-use of ethics technology, to punish and discipline.


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

Enforced donations

LRH states donations are for Scientology auditing and training. Search through every OEC and Tech volume and you will find no LRH reference on donations for org buildings, for IAS memberships or special projects, yet under Miscavige parishioners cannot do Scientology services unless they are a fully paid IAS member, and cannot go full OT unless they have donated tens to hundreds of thousands to the IAS. 

LRH states that orgs don’t need grand buildings, but must be neat and clean. LRH ED 339R gives LRH’s program for orgs – become Saint Hill size. But Miscavige perverted 339R and now every org must now be ‘ideal’ before OT 9 and 10 are released. Funds must be raised by the local parishioners and these lavish and expensive orgs are then owned by Int Management and orgs still pay rent for buildings they raised millions to build. The church has enforced that parishioners donate large sums to their local ‘ideal org buildings’ before they are eligible for OT levels. People are sec-checked and excommunicated if they refuse to cooperate. Thousands of Scientologists have ended up under heavy financial stress as a consequence of the illegal crush regging and enforced donations -- making auditing difficult under continued out-rudiments.

You have been subjected to off-policy crush regging, or been involved in enforcing the same. Financial stress as a present time problem can make case gain in auditing impossible.


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?

Enforced disconnection

LRH cancelled disconnection by both written policy and in lectures, yet Miscavige actively uses it to inflict punishment on individuals and families if they do not toe the line. 

Scientologists that have dedicated decades of their life to support LRH’s mission find themselves ousted and their personal communication lines to family and friends severed, even down to “Church Facebook police” who conduct surveillance on the field. Sea Org members have been ordered to divorce their long-term spouses as they are in different Scientology organizations. Parents have been ordered to disconnect from their children if they no longer toe the line with Miscavige policies.

Miscavige has silenced critics through heavy ethics and sec checking – and if that fails, parishioners, staff and Sea Org members are ex-communicated, with enforced family disconnection, unpublished ethics orders and no justice. 

You have been subjected to blackmail and extortion through a suppressive use of Scientology’s ethics system – and no matter where you currently stand (in the church, in the field, excommunicated or lost entirely), the anguish and pain you have suffered as a consequence of enforced disconnection is not reflected in ANY LRH policy or technology. It violates LRH's lecture 'Attitude and Conduct of Scientology' and also violates the basic purpose to help people expand across their dynamics with affinity, reality, communication, knowledge, responsibility and control.


Why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology?


Per Keeping Scientology Working Series 1, each and every Scientologist has a responsibility to see that Scientology is correctly applied.  Violations of this 1965 policy has almost wiped out our religion, and that situation has unfortunately occurred again.

You have been subject to a twisted and altered version of Scientology that could be called Black Scientology. Each and every one of us has a right to practice our religion, and that means LRH’s Scientology, in its original, unaltered and unperverted form.

This is not a short-term game. Each of us have the right to traverse LRH’s Bridge to achieve the full gains possible, and to help others to do the same. 

That is why the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology is here.


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